Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What is this New World of Communications?

A few people asked me, what is this all about? I could have written out a 500 word piece to explain it, but then... in this new world, why not use a video to share my thoughts on what is changing in the world of communications. In about seven minutes, you can go through a presentation that I have made on this topic at various fora, including at IIM Ahmedabad last week.

Agree? Dissent? Speak up or write in...

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Yadu Ambadkar said...

Hello Sir, I have attended your talk at SITM Communique and found the ideas presented very interesting and engaging. In my opinion, customer doesn't want the tool, but a solution to a need. Over the time, in a product or service, delighting features become expected features and expected features become assumed features. Also, competition goes all out to satisfy the assumed and expected features in a product or service for the consumer. This idea is clearly understood by Google, Yahoo, 3M, etc. In this new world of communications, new business models are emerging and many old ones are becoming extinct. Companies should strive to become a customer's friend and anticipate and understand not only his current, but future and latent needs. Innovation only will help companies in having a competitive advantage in communications, as followers can be completely neglected. Also, new methods of extracting value can be found from basic services. That needs great understanding of customer. For the SOHO user, alternative revenue streams from advertising will help in adoption of services. Also, the proper choice of platform, either proprietary or open-source, will be a key in efficient pricing. Thus to succeed in this new era, innovation in products or services with innovation in platforms and business models, will be the key.